Bladium GRIT Challenge, PART 1

grit soccer field

After moving to the East Bay, I was trying different workout classes and routines to find my rhythm again. I wasn’t able to find a something that I could stick with. A few months ago, I checked out Bladium Sports & Fitness Club in Alameda and took their GRIT Cardio with Carlene. GRIT is a 30 minute high-intensity interval training series by Les Mills designed to maximize calories burn during your workout. I thought to myself, “How intense could the class be, if it’s only 30 minutes?!?”. Boy, did I get my butt kicked! I found myself having to take breaks (yes, breaks in a 30 min workout session) and sweating so much that it looked I like just stepped out.. Read More

Fall Accessories Pt. 2 and JORD GIVEWAY!


Alright, last week, I showed you some accessories to transition your wardrobe (in this post here) to fall. A quick recap of all the accessories I mentioned: a felt hat a pair of bootie boots fall tone lipsticks and nail polishes arm swag (accessories/watches) a classic scarf a statement necklace This week, I’m showing you the full look of how I turned a simple all black outfit of a cotton t-shirt, sweater, and pair of jeans into a chic and stylish fall look. There’s nothing I enjoy more than dressing up and doing fall festivities like going apple picking, taking hay ride, running in a corn maze, or visiting a pumpkin patch! I had loads of fun putting together this outfit and picking figs,.. Read More

Accessories to Transition Your Wardrobe to Fall Pt. 1 + JORD GIVEAWAY


Now that October is here, I feel like it’s officially fall, although, it was been quite hot last week here in the Bay Area (insert side eye emoji). I’ve been trying to keep my wardrobe simple these days, but I still have a love for dressing seasonally. I thought how could I make my outfits look more fall but stick to my new (semi) minimalistic style. I’m going to give you some tips on how to transition your wardrobe to fall with a few items – including some budget friendly ideas. Plus, there is a JORD GIVEAWAY!   1. A FELT HAT As the season change, the morning air is brisk and you’ll need something to keep that head of.. Read More

Snack Review: April 2016

Are you guys ready for my monthly snack round-up? This month’s snacks really pack a major punch in flavor and spice! I picked up snacks from Daiso, Koreana, Jay Bharat,Vik’s Market, and other Asian markets. 1. Japanese Potato Cracker with Shrimp I’ve passed by these a few times while shopping at Daiso and figured I’ll get them along with some other snackies. I like these for two reasons: the crunch factor and the little shrimps in each cracker! It isn’t greasy and seasoned with just enough salt and flavors to satisfy that craving which made you want to consume a savory snack. If you like Asian rice crackers, then you’ll like these. 3/5 2. Honey Tong Tong I’ve been wanting to try.. Read More

Vacation Time!

We’re taking off to Tokyo today (then Hong Kong)! I’ll be taking a break from blogging a bit. I’ll have a March snack review post for you when I’m back. In the meanwhile (if you haven’t), follow me on Instagram @jocelyntran to seey adventures in Tokyo and Hong Kong! Share:

What To Make With Your Leftover Corned Beef?

You made that wonderful corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day. Now, you have all these leftovers. Sure, you can eat another meal of it. But, why not make a new dish that will dazzle your tastebuds? Same ingredients but completely different taste. I introduce to you the “Udon Corned Beef Stir-fry” – it’s an Irish-Asian fusion dish. I came up with this recipe from our leftovers last year (we had so much)! I really didn’t want to eat a third meal of corned beef and all of its’ sides. I was figuring out what I could do with the leftovers to make it feel like a brand new dish and add some freshness to it. When unsure, stir-fry! It’s the best solution.. Read More

Tahoe for The Non-Skier and Snowboarder

Deerfield Lodge Tahoe patio snow

Rainy weather in the Bay Area means snow in Tahoe (most of the time)! Considering how hot and dry February was, I thought the snow season was going to be over. Then March came around and the waves of storms rolled in being us fresh powder to play with up in Tahoe. It made me want to share with you our recent Tahoe trip as non-skiers/snowboarders.   WHERE WE STAYED  We decided to stay in South Lake Tahoe because was closer to us. Also, we wanted to avoid Donner Pass (North Lake Tahoe), since we don’t own a 4WD vehicle and rather not deal with chains.   I booked us a room at Deerfield Lodge, a cute boutique hotel in South.. Read More

Snack Review: February 2016

Hello everyone! I’m back and planning to blog regularly again. I’ve been taking some time to reflect on myself and where I want to take the blog. I’m planning to make some changes (maybe) and additions to the blog so stay tune! It’s been great hearing how people love my monthly snack series and have been waiting to me to write them again. So here, we go! I’ve picked up more snacks from Nijiya, in San Mateo specifically – each store varies on the merch they carry, and Foodnet Supermarket in San Leandro. I practically devoured all of them! 1. Hot Puri Curry Rice Chips These are similar to the Calbee shrimp chips but swap out the shrimp flavor for spicy curry.. Read More

Ardenwood Historic Farm: Harvest Festival

First, I want to say sorry for the absence on the blog! It’s been quite busy and blogging takes longer than you think. Hopefully, I can start posting on a regular again because I have SO MUCH delicious food and adventures to share! Alright, now to the blog post. Thanksgiving has passed, and fall is wrapping up. I wanted to share with you a fun activity we did back in October at the Ardenwood Historic Farm in Fremont to reminisce what fall has to offer. You grab a burlap sack (loaners only), head out to the corn field, and start pulling the corn off the stalks. When pulling the corn off the stalks, it’s best that you twist and pull.  It was fun.. Read More

Trader Joe’s Product Review: Popcorn in a Pickle + Desserts!

Finally, a Trader Joe’s Product Review post on the blog again! I have neglected this series of the blog. It’s been a whirlwind, and I’m still getting on a routine with blogging. I plan to make it a monthly post going forward. Popcorn in a Pickle (vegan) I’ve been curious about these, so I was glad my friend Robin, from Vegan Dollhouse, brought them to our housewarming bbq. These mushroom popcorn kernels are air-popped to a perfect roundness and seasoned with all the great spices that make pickles so yummy – salty, tangy, with a dash of dill! Mushroom popcorn kernels are the variety that pops up like a little ball; it’s used to make kettle corn. It’s similar to my.. Read More