This is a monthly review highlighting some of snacks I’ve eaten. I’m a big snacker and like trying everything at least once. Some of these snacks will be good, okay, and not so good. 1. Goraebab (Korean crackers) These are one of my favorite Korean snacks! They are very crunchy flavorful slightly spicy whale-shaped crackers (and other nautical animals). I haven’t had them in so long because there aren’t many Korean markets in SF. I got these in Sunnyvale at Hanook Market. After doing some research, I found out these are called goraebab. I seriously had no idea what they were called. Apparently in Korean, goraebab (고래밥) literally translates to whale (고래) rice (밥). 8/10. 2.  Tteokbokki chips Since I was at.. Read More