the hubs and me
Here’s my part 2 of 3 post farewell to SF. Since moving to Nob Hill, I stopped riding my bike as much. Beside the fact I lived on a HUGE hill, it was giving me anxiety to ride through Union Sq and Financial District. The bike rides to work got too short and not worth the chaos, so I chose to walk instead. As part of our “last things to do while living in SF”, we rode our bikes one last time before the move.

After a day of packing, we pumped up our bike tires and headed out to dinner. It was a perfect day for a ride because the weather was pretty warm that day leaving us with a t-shirt/light cardigan wearing evening. I’ve been wanting to go THE YARD (right across the ballpark in Mission Bay), since it opened. It was our first time riding down the Embarcadero together towards the ballpark. The bay side of the Embarcadero is ideal for walking, jogging, and biking because there’s no stops. You just keep going. Plus, the view is amazing. I appreciate the constant updates and additions along this street that makes it better and better each day.

The Yard signthe courtyardfood trucksseating areaThe Yard parklets
There are two food and drink areas of The Yard – 1. The Courtyard by Off The Grid (pics above) and 2. Anchor Brewing Beer Garden (pics below). The Courtyard has several food trucks and a beer & wine stand. Over the Anchor Brewing Beer Garden, The Whole Beast is stationed in there with an Anchor bar that serve their beers and maybe other craft beers. I can’t remember.

As you can see, we went on the same day as the Spartan Race was at AT&T Park. The Yard have plenty of seating options and great for groups. The only things is, you can’t take our alcoholic beverages outside of its designated areas. They also have corn hole for you to play! The down side, they only have porta potties. Eeek. I wished it was like SoMa StrEat Food and had actual restrooms.

Anchor BrewingThe Whole Beast menuorder windowcondimentsbeernumber 28

We ordered:
– Wagyu beef burger
– Willie dog: all beef hot dog served on an Acme bun
– Naked Fries: tossed with parsley and salt
– Kale Salad: dinokale with pecorino cheese, harissa sauce, and house smoke almonds.

our dinner aerial viewhot dog Wagyu beef burger fries kale salad

I know… Out of all the choices I had, I chose the hot dog. What can I say? I felt like a hot dog, and it was good! I dressed it up with some of the condiment selections they had out (pic above).  I did want to get the poutine, but the hubs wanted regular fries. They were good still, even though, they were sans gravy and cheese. Haha. Next item is the kale salad, I really enjoyed the flavor combo. The only complaint is there was a little too much dressing/cheese. The salad felt a bit too heavy and creamy. The bummer of the night was…SIGH…the burger. It was a decent burger overall but overcooked and DRY! I think that is a major crime – especially, Waygu beef!!! They were busy when we got there, so maybe that’s why the burger wasn’t up to par…The hubs was disappointed because it was his dish.

You also get a nice view of the ballpark from here.

China Basin ParkGiants ballparkChina Basin Park

After dinner, we rode along Mission Bay Creek towards Potrero Hill. If you never walked/bike along there, I highly recommend it. I wished I took at pic to show you, but I was too busy riding. 🙂

Just so you get an idea, I found this pic of Mission Creek on the internet for you. We biked along the path there. As you bike farther down, their are a bunch of house on the creek. Something you wouldn’t think you’ll find in SF but probably in Marin.

Mission Bay CreekFlickr: Allan Ferguson

You can read more about the whole Mission Bay/Rock development on Curbed or here.


Music Post
I pick “Light and Day” by The Polyphonic Spree. It’s a great representation of our evening. Also, we walked down the aisle after our wedding ceremony to it. Enjoy!