After moving to the East Bay, I was trying different workout classes and routines to find my rhythm again. I wasn’t able to find a something that I could stick with. A few months ago, I checked out Bladium Sports & Fitness Club in Alameda and took their GRIT Cardio with Carlene. GRIT is a 30 minute high-intensity interval training series by Les Mills designed to maximize calories burn during your workout. I thought to myself, “How intense could the class be, if it’s only 30 minutes?!?”. Boy, did I get my butt kicked! I found myself having to take breaks (yes, breaks in a 30 min workout session) and sweating so much that it looked I like just stepped out of the stream room. We were doing a lot of exercises that I normally wouldn’t push myself to do and probably did a 100 burpees. As intense and insane the class felt, I really loved the body total workout and level of difficulty that GRIT presented. It was what I have been looking for in a class. Also, the instructor, Carlene, was awesome; her level of energy kept me going and pushing myself farther.

grit post sweaty workout

So, when Bladium Sports & Fitness Club asked me to join their 6 Week Les Mills GRIT Challenge, I jumped at it. I’ve been in a workout slump and wasn’t going to the gym or running consistently. The challenge was perfect timing to get by back on a workout schedule and program. As part of the challenge, we have to take 2-3 GRIT classes and 3 other workouts of our choice.

To measure our results from the challenge, we did a body composition and fitness test during the first week. Nutrishop in Alameda came to the the gym to take our body composition. They brought their fancy scale that measures your weight, body fat, basal metabolic rate, lean muscle mass, and more.

body composition result

My body composition results:
Body Weight = 181.3lbs
Body Fat = 46.7%

For the fitness test, we had to do overhead squats for 1min, frog jump push-ups for 1 min, and long jump.

My fitness test results:
Overhead Squats = 23 reps
Frog jump push-ups = 19 reps
Long Jump = 43 inches

whole30 breakfast eggs sausage salad

My goals for this challenge are to get back into a workout regular schedule and get stronger – shredding a few pounds would be a plus. To see more results and other reasons, I decided to do the Whole 30 in line with the challenge. Like they say, “losing weight is 80% in the kitchen and 20% in the gym”. I will be writing a separate post about my Whole 30 experience and results later. We will be retaking our body composition and fitness test at the end of the challenge to see any improvements resulted from the challenge. So far, I have noticed my core and upper body strength getting stronger, waist is slimmer, and overall wellness is better. Also, it was fun to have Melissa from Nourished and Vibrant part of the challenge and we were able to sweat together. I will be writing a part 2 post about my approach the challenge with details of the classes and results later so keep a look out.

This post is sponsored by Bladium Sports & Fitness Club. All opinions are mine.