We’ve been gradually discovering things around our new neighborhood. One of the farmers market near us is in Castro Valley at the BART station parking there. It’s year-round on Saturdays from 10am-2pm. I have to say that I was surprised that it didn’t start until 10am. I’m use to farmers market starting at 8am.

Photo Aug 01, 11 34 32 AMPhoto Aug 01, 11 39 45 AMThey have a flower vendor who make beautiful bouquets and for a good deal! This one above was for $10! Way prettier than the ones at Trader Joe’s.

Photo Aug 01, 11 37 33 AM
Photo Aug 01, 11 36 57 AM Photo Aug 01, 11 36 33 AMPhoto Aug 01, 11 34 07 AMThere’s a nice selection of produce, although, I wished there were more organic options. I was happy to find out there was an Asian produce stand, so I can buy items like long bean and water spinach (ong choy in Chinese or rau muong in Vietnamese). I was hoping that some of the farmers I normally shopped from would be there. Oh well, time to find new farmers to buy from. It’s a pretty small farmers market, but there enough of a variety for you get everything you need – including a fresh seafood stand.

Photo Aug 01, 11 38 45 AM
There’s always some type of musical entertainment at the farmers market. It seems to change each week or every few weeks.

Photo Aug 01, 11 23 23 AM Photo Aug 01, 11 23 34 AMPhoto Aug 01, 11 06 36 AMPhoto Aug 01, 11 10 17 AM

There weren’t many food service vendors to my disappointment. I recalled there only three:

1) Angela’s Homestyle Potato Salad – sold lemonade and potato salad
2) Arnold’s Catering – bbq truck
3) Flambe: Asian American Grill – Vietnamese fusion

We went with Flambe: Asian American Grill and potato salad from Angela’s. We got the beef Hawaiian sliders, which was delicious! There were two bakery vendors and a pie vendor that I plan to go back to try.

Since moving, we’ve been busy and haven’t explore what other farmers market at in the area yet. We plan to visit more, which I will share all of them. Hopefully, we’ll figure out which one is the best fit for our needs.