Castro Valley Farmers Market

We’ve been gradually discovering things around our new neighborhood. One of the farmers market near us is in Castro Valley at the BART station parking there. It’s year-round on Saturdays from 10am-2pm. I have to say that I was surprised that it didn’t start until 10am. I’m use to farmers market starting at 8am. They have a flower vendor who make beautiful bouquets and for a good deal! This one above was for $10! Way prettier than the ones at Trader Joe’s. There’s a nice selection of produce, although, I wished there were more organic options. I was happy to find out there was an Asian produce stand, so I can buy items like long bean and water spinach (ong choy in.. Read More

Summer Blues, Summer in Black

black short outfit with city view

If you look through my wardrobe, you’ll find most of my clothes are in hues of blue and black. I like neutrals with some splash of color. As most people would be adorning themselves with colorful clothing for the summer, I generally keep to my basics. I have no problem wearing black in the summer. I embrace it! Since the weather here in the Bay Area is still fairly warm, I thought I’ll highlight some of my summer outfits in my favorite colors – blue and black – and some summer time apparel tips. (For others outside the Bay Area where autumn is in full gear, you can save this for next spring/summer.) Enjoy! A simple navy shirt dress with.. Read More

My Favorite 10 TV Couples

my favorite tv couples

With so many shows I watched as a kid, teenager, or young adult streaming on Netflix or in syndication now, I’ve started to watch them all again or at least a few episode here and there. So, I thought it would be fun to write a post on my favorite TV couples – something other than the subject of food for a change, also. There were so many to pick from, but these stuck out to me the most and reflects my youth to adulthood. It’s in no particular order of favorites but in the order of when it first aired. As an 80’s child, Full House (T.G.I.F.) was a big part of my life weeknight. It was the one thing I looked.. Read More

Farewell, San Francisco!

cable car coming through

Hello, again! I’ve been busy with the new house and preparing for our housewarming bbq this past week. Hence, the absence on the blog. I wanted to share with you a little glimpse of where we lived the last 5 years. Our apartment was in Nob Hill on Powell Street. It was, also, the first place we found together as a couple. The neighborhood wasn’t the most ideal for me (it’s no Hayes Valley – my former neighborhood), but it was great for commuting to work. We were able to easily walk everyday to – almost – everywhere. I loved it. The 1 is literally right at the corner and the 30 is down the block, if we’re lazy and.. Read More

Sister Sister Time in Hayes Valley

Hayes Valley pic collage

YAY, another Sister Sister Time post! (I’m going to make this as a 3-part series of my farewell to SF post.) This time we tackle Hayes Valley, which is near and dear to my heart. It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in SF, but it’s also where I first lived when I moved here in 2007. Hayes Valley is an awesome neighborhood that only became what it is after the city removed the freeway overpass that went right through the neighborhood and made everyone exit onto Octavia. It’s a small neighborhood filled with your typical Edwardian houses and ornate SF apartment buildings that gives SF it’s charm with a bunch of newly developed apartment/condo buildings sprinkled all around. There are.. Read More

Summer Wardrobe

on the beach

SUMMER is officially here! It was summer solstice on Sunday. In most places of the United States, people are frolicking in dresses and shorts. Although it was mostly chilly and gloomy this spring (and now June gloom) in San Francisco, we do get some hours of sun here and there when the fog lifts. Or, when we leave San Francisco, the surrounding cities are usually in the 80s–90s. In addition, summer weekend trips for some fun in the sun and on the beach like we did last weekend to L.A — post to come on the blog soon! Here are a few pieces I’ve added to my summer wardrobe. I love stripes! Given an opportunity to add another striped item.. Read More

Mt. Tam x Priime

mt tam ocean

Back in March, our friends at Priime launched their app to the public. Priime is a photo editing app – currently on iPhone only. The team worked with a bunch of great photographers to curate each filter for a unique and personal look. Since I primarily use my iPhone to take pictures for my blog, I use Priime to edit them; it just makes it easier for me to get content out quickly. A few things I like about Priime: 1. You don’t have to import your photos into a folder. 2. The app can make filter suggestions base off the colors it picks up from your photos. 3. Your photos don’t get compressed so the quality is remained in tack… Read More