Vacation Time!

We’re taking off to Tokyo today (then Hong Kong)! I’ll be taking a break from blogging a bit. I’ll have a March snack review post for you when I’m back. In the meanwhile (if you haven’t), follow me on Instagram @jocelyntran to seey adventures in Tokyo and Hong Kong! Share:

Tahoe for The Non-Skier and Snowboarder

Deerfield Lodge Tahoe patio snow

Rainy weather in the Bay Area means snow in Tahoe (most of the time)! Considering how hot and dry February was, I thought the snow season was going to be over. Then March came around and the waves of storms rolled in being us fresh powder to play with up in Tahoe. It made me want to share with you our recent Tahoe trip as non-skiers/snowboarders.   WHERE WE STAYED  We decided to stay in South Lake Tahoe because was closer to us. Also, we wanted to avoid Donner Pass (North Lake Tahoe), since we don’t own a 4WD vehicle and rather not deal with chains.   I booked us a room at Deerfield Lodge, a cute boutique hotel in South.. Read More

Mt. Tam x Priime

mt tam ocean

Back in March, our friends at Priime launched their app to the public. Priime is a photo editing app – currently on iPhone only. The team worked with a bunch of great photographers to curate each filter for a unique and personal look. Since I primarily use my iPhone to take pictures for my blog, I use Priime to edit them; it just makes it easier for me to get content out quickly. A few things I like about Priime: 1. You don’t have to import your photos into a folder. 2. The app can make filter suggestions base off the colors it picks up from your photos. 3. Your photos don’t get compressed so the quality is remained in tack… Read More