Our friend from Sacramento came down to visit. He likes to hike and enjoys a nice refreshing beer, and we wanted to showcase our new neighborhood to him. So, we took him on a little mini East Bay adventure to Lake Chabot and Drake’s Brewery. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for about 20 years and have never been to Lake Chabot! I didn’t even know it existed until a couple years ago. There’s just so much to see and do in the Bay Area.

We entered from Lake Chabot Road. There’s a $5 parking fee; it was our first time so we paid. Normally, we just park outside on the main road and walk in. It’s a couple minute walk from the entrance of the parking lot to the where the lake loop trail begins at the marina by Lake Chabot Marina and Cafe.

There’s several trails; I advise that you look ahead online to decide which trail you would like to hike. The whole lake loop is about 8.5 miles and takes about 3 hours. Since it was our first time, we walked along the East Shore Trail to enjoy the view of the lake. I recommend the lake trail for most people, since it is mostly paved and an easier trail – less inclines. We kept our hike a bit short, turned right onto the Indian Cove Trail, and Ten Hills Trail to loop back to the parking lot. I have to say that portion of the hike was quite steeper but booty, booty. GOTTA BUILD UP THOSE GLUTS! With all seriousness, strong gluts (and abs) do prevent injuries.

Photo Jun 28, 11 54 14 AM Photo Jun 28, 11 54 23 AMPhoto Jun 28, 11 59 16 AM Photo Jun 28, 12 06 31 PMLake Chabot view of cityPhoto Jun 28, 12 26 42 PMI made them take a photo together. Ha. They’ll thank me in 10 years when they look back at this. The hubs and our friend have been friends since grade school. Isn’t that cute?! I moved a lot before moving to the Bay Area, so I don’t have any grade school friends that I kept in contact with.


We headed out the Drake’s in San Leandro to quenched our thirst and fill up our hungry bellies. The location is a bit odd because it’s in the same plaza as Wal-Mart and Home Depot. It’s behind the shopping retails so park by Wal-Mart or Dollar Store and walk to the right of Wal-Mart.

(If you grew up watching 90’s cartoon like I did, you’ll enjoy this Darkwing Duck drawing below. You’re welcome!)

Photo Jun 28, 1 10 56 PMPhoto Jun 28, 3 33 14 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 23 06 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 20 16 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 22 49 PM

The Spread
They offer food here. YAY! (I think it’s smart to have food when you serve beer) You order when you get your beer and pick at their “kitchen” (a food truck) outside. Their menu varies daily and items do get sold out.

We got:
The Burger Dog: a ¼ pound Niman Ranch ground beef burger patty shaped in a hotdog form on a Metropolis lobster roll, with 1500 mustard aioli with all the typical fixing
Crispy Chicken Sandwich: Chicken breast marinated in Drake’s Robusto Porter, in a crispy panko breading, served with sriracha aioli and Napa cabbage slaw on a toasted Metropolis lobster roll
Drake’s Summer Salad: arugula with cucumber and Pickled Red Onion, tossed with Hefeweizen Vinaigrette and topped (I think their salad changes according to what they have available)
Fries (we got it with the duck fat)

I think using the lobster roll bread was a nice touch. They grilled the sides giving it a nice crispy bite on the outside with a softy chewy texture when you bit into it. I liked how they used their beer in almost every dish they offered. I enjoyed everything we ordered, although, the consensus was that the chicken sandwich was better than the burger dog.

Photo Jun 28, 1 36 22 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 36 45 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 37 03 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 37 17 PM

The space is huge, and there are different sections. Their outdoor seating is dog friendly and there’s live music on the weekends. Inside, they have a few areas to pick from. First when you enter in, there are tables in front of the bar area. To the left, there are more seating and it’s a little quieter. In the back and sectioned off, they have an area with a projector. They have water stations for people to easily stay hydrated. This place is great for groups and family! I think you can reserve tables too; you’ll have to talk to a staff for further details. I saw a lady setting up for a birthday party, and she brought her own snacks.

Photo Jun 28, 1 29 45 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 28 32 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 29 35 PM

They recently opened another location in Oakland called The Dealership. I can’t wait to visit it and share with you.

The 21st Amendment new brewery is also opened in San Leandro and close to Drake’s, so you can hit up both breweries. I prefer the atmosphere at Drake’s better because 21st Amendment has no frills (but good beer and a food truck that comes by). I think I came with the mentality that it would a brewpub like their place SF but with a whole warehouse operation. I guess it’s just taproom. I don’t know; I just think Stone or Ballast Point (in San Diego) have raised my bar high when visiting these breweries.