Hello, again! I’ve been busy with the new house and preparing for our housewarming bbq this past week. Hence, the absence on the blog.

I wanted to share with you a little glimpse of where we lived the last 5 years. Our apartment was in Nob Hill on Powell Street. It was, also, the first place we found together as a couple. The neighborhood wasn’t the most ideal for me (it’s no Hayes Valley – my former neighborhood), but it was great for commuting to work. We were able to easily walk everyday to – almost – everywhere. I loved it. The 1 is literally right at the corner and the 30 is down the block, if we’re lazy and wanted to catch the bus to work instead of walking. We often hung out in Japantown, if we wanted to get out of the neighborhood. The 1 took us there within 10 minutes. SIGH.

The hubs spent over a decade in SF, while I lived there for almost decade. Moving out of SF was a bittersweet moment for us. As much as it’s great to be a homeowner, we moved out of the city where we met and fell in love in. The hubs lived in a studio a block from our apartment when we met. The Chinatown library is down a few blocks. It was one of the places we went to our first date, and the hubs proposed to me in front of it.

The Outside

in front of the old apartmentcable car in front of buildingWe could hear the cable car bell ring from our apartment. I think I’ve rode on the cable car maybe five times total while living here in SF.

Princess buildingYes, our building is called Princess. I’ve watched countless females take pics under here.

The Inside
Here’s a glimpse of the inside of our apartment. I wanted to give you a full tour, but we started packing, which made the apartment not as presentable as I would like.

Photo Jul 06, 2 37 06 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 31 22 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 35 45 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 34 45 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 31 44 PM Photo Jul 06, 2 32 19 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 32 34 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 38 24 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 37 59 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 36 11 PM


The Neighborhood

This is the view from our roof top on a foggy evening. I use to be bummed out the amount of fog we got. Then learned to appreciate it. I like how the buildings tops disappear into the fog. Truly, beautiful.

Photo Mar 05, 7 17 22 AMThis view never got old. If we walk out the door, turned left, and walked down the hill, we’ll be in Union Square. If we turned right instead and walked down a much smaller incline, we’ll be in North Beach.

Sacramento StreetThis is the hill we climb up everyday to get home. It was still quite a hike for us everyday! They weren’t kidding when they called this neighborhood Nob Hill.

Photo Jul 22, 10 02 12 AMThe Brocklebank was featured in the Tales of the City PBS mini-series based off the book with the same title by Armistead Maupin. Also, it has been featured in Hitchcock films. It’s right at the corner of Sacramento and Mason.

Another fun fact about Nob Hill, asides its rich history, is that it has been featured in a few popular Hitchcock films.

Photo Jul 22, 9 48 34 AMThe Fairmont Hotel as you can remember from the previous Tonga Room post. We lived behind it. We enjoyed talking strolls up the hill and around the Fairmont and Huntington Park.

Photo Jul 22, 9 50 47 AMAnd this is the Pacific-Union Club, a gentlemen’s club. No, I’m not kidding.

Photo Jul 22, 9 55 43 AMThe water fountain in Huntington Park. I love the fact San Francisco have over 220 parks in the 7×7 area. I guess it makes sense, since most people don’t have backyards there.

Photo Jul 22, 9 53 53 AMThe Grace Cathedral. It’s one of the places we take out-of-town guest to. The exterior and interior of this place is amazing. You, also, get a little history of San Francisco here. Regardless of your religious beliefs, this place is incredibly beautiful and worth a stop.

Photo Jul 22, 9 58 36 AMPhoto Jul 22, 9 56 06 AMThe fountain is a hub for dogs and their owners. I love coming here to watch and pet all the cute dogs. Hehehe. Don’t worry, I ask before touching.
“That’s All Folks!” – Porky Pigmoving truck loaded

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