I’m thinking of starting a series called “Farmers Market Meal” where I will be showcasing some of my favorite vendors, what is in season, what I purchase, and/or what I made from the items I procured at the farmers market.

We’re extremely lucky in San Francisco to have so many farmers market. There are four big busy ones (I might be wrong) in San Francisco – Ferry Building, Civic Center, Alemany, and Fort Mason. There are also many smaller neighborhood ones for the nearby residence and several small farmers market in the FiDi and SoMa district for the working folks in the area.

We frequent the one at the Ferry Building the most since it is closest to us. (I occasionally to go the Crocker Galleria one too.) The farmers market is on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – the latter having the most vendors. A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Tuesday one – all these sellers are also at Saturday market. Here are the highlights of my favorite vendors on this day and some of the produce in season. We primarily buy organic so most of these vendor should be.Blossom Bluff Orchardsapriumpersian green

Heirloom Organics Gardens produce Heirloom Organics Gardens greens

candy striped beets radishes and parsnips

County Line melons pea shoots County Line produce

Iacopi Farms English peasHidden Star Orchards sign Hidden Star Orchards juicetomatoes

The Ferry Building’s farmers market have lots of vendors. It took me several trips and multiple chats with sellers before I established my favorites.

The vendors (farms/orchards) I went to were:
1. Blossom Bluff Orchards – I primarily buy stone fruits from them when it’s in season.
2. Heirloom Organic Gardens – I buy veggies from them year round. I love the selection they offer, the sellers are very friendly and informative on their produce, and the prices are reasonable. Their produce might not look as pretty as the other sellers’, but it taste equally delicious and organic.
3. County Line Harvest – I come here for my greens such as kale, spinach, pea shoots, arugula, etc. They have a nice selection of veggies too.
4. Iacopi Farms – They sell a small vary of veggies, but I mainly come here to buy fava beans, English peas, and sugar peas.
5. Hidden Star Orchards – They juices are AMAZING. We recently bought juice from them for the first time.
6. (unknown) – I didn’t catch the farm I got the tomatoes from. It was my first time purchasing from them.

Cuesa also have a list of all their sellers you can check it out here.

produce purchased

The meals I made from the produce I got at the farmers market and some items I got from Trader Joe’s.

1. Chicken Lettuce Wraps/Tacos
This is a super simple and easy dish to make. You can use any protein (chicken, beef, tofu, or tempeh) and combination of veggies. The perfect spring and summer dish to celebrate the produce the season offers. I made a Sriracha yogurt marinated roast chicken with baby lettuce, cilantro, red bell peppers, carrots, radishes, and cucumbers. The chicken was packed with flavor so no sauce was needed.
lettuce wraplettuce wrap


2. Easy Over Eggs with Medley of Veggies
I was quite excited to make breakfast with my farmers market finds the next day. I cooked the eggs with garlic, tomatoes, and basil. Then added a side of pea shoot salad (look at the cute little pea shoot flowers) and multi-grain toast with Irish butter.



3. Raw Lasagna
This dish is comprise of zucchini noodles, marinara sauce, cashew cheese, and lots of other goodies. I will be writing a post on how I made this dish so look out for it in a few days! Here you go!

raw lasagna