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Most weekend that we don’t have anything plan, we try to get our workout in during the morning hours down the Embarcadero. Then we eat around the area or at the Ferry Building. I guess you can say, “it’s very San Franciscans” of us to spend our Saturday at the Ferry Building.

This past Saturday I ran about at 5k along the Embarcadero. The run is great because it’s flat and there’s no lights stopping you – on the side of the bay. We decided to grab lunch at Gott’s before hitting up the Ferry Building’s farmers market. It was our first time dining at Gott’s; we’ve only pass by it several times and seen the long line. Turns out the line was always long because you order first then seat yourself. If you’ve never been or pass by Gott’s, they serve¬†American food with a slight of Californian twist.

Gotts front doorGott's menu

Gott's interior cooking line pick up station

condiment station

The hubby got the cheeseburger with garlic fries, and I got the Ahi poke tacos. I asked for regular corn tortillas instead of the crispy ones the menu stated. I hesitated when he ordered the garlic fries because we just worked out and I’m trying (my hardest) to eat better. To my amazement, the garlic fries weren’t greasy as the ones you get at the ballpark; it was fancier. My tacos were very good but a little too runny (my biggest fears are soggy tortillas when eating tacos!). Also, it was tangier than I expected – I didn’t even need to use my limes. An order comes with 3 tacos, and they were really filling. I probably could had stop at my 2nd one, but I don’t think poke style tacos would had survived the trip back home. Hubby’s cheeseburger was really good! And this is coming from a person (me) who don’t really like burgers that much. They use 100% angus beef vegetarian need from Niman Ranch and what a difference it makes. The only thing that was a let down was that they did NOT toast the buns! How could they?!?!?

Gott's foodburgerfriestacoshusband eating burgerGotts patio

Afterwards, we went to pick up some produce for the week at the farmers market (I will be writing a post about the items I bought and I made from them soon). Having to make a pit stop to the restroom before heading home (better to be safe than sorry), the lines are really long and someone told us to go upstairs. I had no idea the restrooms up there were open and that the general public were even allowed up. I asked the security person and was told that during the weekdays the public is only around the lobby area. During the weekends, the restrooms are open to help with overflows downstairs. If you ever had to use the restroom on the weekends, you know what madness it can be.

Here are some of the beautiful pictures I was fortunate enough to take up there.

Ferry Building aerial viewFerry Building upstairsCalifornia seal