It has been quite cloudy here in San Francisco for the past two weeks. There’s been little breaks of sun here and there for a brief time, but it quickly turns gloomy and cold. As I am daydreaming about wearing shorts or summer dresses, I am dressed in sweater weather, my Uniqlo black jeans, warm socks, and sneakers. I have to say that this chilly weather have made me very lazy about dressing up. I just want to be comfy and WARM. I have been quite jealous of other Bay Area cities who are getting sun and temps in the mid-70s and 80s this week.

Alright. After that lengthy introduction, I wanted to post the amazingly nice weekend the hubby and I had back in February. We went to Kingdom of Dumpling and Ocean Beach and were dressed like we were in Southern California while in the Sunset. Here’s a look back to sunnier days.

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shanghai dumplings

IMG_0994 1

shrimp and chive dumpling

black bean paste noodle


radish sesame bun

ariel view of table

Since we were so close to the beach and the weather was so perfect, we drove down and chilled there for awhile. It is one of my favorite things to do – lounging on the beach. Even though the water is cold here, I feel very lucky to live in California and able to enjoy all the greatest it has to offer.

This was the first time we were at this section of Ocean Beach. Usually, we’re over by the windmills (Golden Gate Park). It was so much quaint farther south. Also, it was the first time I found sand dollars on the beach! Of course, I brought some home for my collection.

As you will see, we’re usually prepared when we go to the beach – beverages, books/Kindle, mats, etc.

beach view graffitisand dollarfeet in waterhubby readingselfie at the beach

The hubby was ready to go, but I wanted to do more outdoor activities. We decided to check out the other side of the beach and lounge a bit more over there (by Golden Gate Park). Of course, it was 10 times busier.

ocean beach viewocean beach windmillocean beachocean beach cliff househubby lounging

Ah, the California life.

(I also took videos of the day’s experiences. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to come around to editing them one day and update this post.)