When moving to the East Bay, the hubs was determined to find three things: 1) a local place where he can get craft beer, 2) a good burrito place, and 3) a game store for him to play Magic the Gathering. He’s a simple man.

One of the place we’ve tried and liked is La Pinat#1 in Hayward. Just looking at the exterior, I was excited to try this place out. It looks to fun, festive, and happy.  I love their mural, also (pic below).

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OMG, their chips and salsa were delicious! We got seconds, and I saved the salsa to eat with my main course. The hubs got the shrimp super burrito, and I got the chicken taco plate. And yes, we had leftovers. The food was really good, but I’m not a huge fan of lettuce in my tacos. (I only am, if I’m at a Tex-Mex or Cali-Mex place.) I, also, wished they offered pollo asado (grilled/roasted chicken).

The service was superb. The staff were friendly and very attentive. There’s outdoor seating, but it was too hot when we went. We will be definitely going back here. Another great thing about this place is they open late – Sun to Tue from 10a to12am, Wed to Sat from 10am to 3am!

As good as this was, we still seeking to see what’s out there. Our mission is to find a good burrito place in the San Leandro/Hayward area – preferably a taqueria over a sit-down restaurant. So, if you have a place, please share it with us! We’ll greatly appreciate it. I’m going to spend some time researching and will come back with a top 5 post for you later.