I hope everyone had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend. We surely did. I attended my friend Robin’s birthday carousel ride and tea party on Saturday (maybe, I’ll post about the cute food I had later). Then on Sunday, we attended our friend’s son 2nd Up themed birthday party – incredibly cute! For Memorial Day, the hubby wanted to go get oysters. We got into our car, made a pit stop at Whole Foods to pick up a few items for a picnic, and headed to Tomales Bay. We decided to go to Tomales Bay Oyster Company since Hog Island would be crazy busy. Don’t get me wrong, TBOC was busy too, but they don’t require you to make a reservation for a table. As you will see below, people parked up and down Hwy1. We came a little later in afternoon (around 1:30pm), so we drove up closer to see if cars were leaving. We managed to get parking across the way.

When we come up here, I usually get us some fruits and veggies, a loaf of bread, cheese, and spreads to make a picnic. Of course, beverages too! This time we were more prepared and came with our own gloves and shucker. It was pretty packed as I predicted – a holiday weekend. We didn’t need a grill, so we found a spot at the benches and set-up our spread. Staff members came around asking if we needed tables, but we were fine with the bench. ┬áSo if you’re looking for a table for a bigger party or a grill, you’ll be able to get one. There’s lots of space.

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Some info on TBOC. They are CASH ONLY; there’s an ATM on site if you need more cash. They allow four paw friends! Hours of operations are 9:00am-5:00pm everyday with picnic tables closing at 4:45pm. On weekends, you have to pay a fee of $5/person for usage of the picnic tables. They provide ice for you to keep your oysters and clams chilled or for the trip back home if you’re getting them to-go. There’s more rules which you can read below in one of the pictures.

It’s always a good idea to wear layers because it’s usually overcast here.

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