With so many shows I watched as a kid, teenager, or young adult streaming on Netflix or in syndication now, I’ve started to watch them all again or at least a few episode here and there. So, I thought it would be fun to write a post on my favorite TV couples – something other than the subject of food for a change, also. There were so many to pick from, but these stuck out to me the most and reflects my youth to adulthood. It’s in no particular order of favorites but in the order of when it first aired.

dj and steve

As an 80’s child, Full House (T.G.I.F.) was a big part of my life weeknight. It was the one thing I looked forward to every week. Steve definitely was my favorite boyfriend for DJ. Remember when the family went to Disneyland, DJ saw Aladdin and thought it was Steve? (If you didn’t know, the actor voiced Disney’s Aladdin.)

zack and kellyLike most girls my age at the time, I had a huge crush on Zack and wanted to be like Kelly from Save by the Bell. They were like TV’s Ken and Barbie to me. I’m glad these two characters tied the knot at the end of the series.

cory and topangaThe moment I saw Topanga and Cory from Boy Meets Word, I knew they would be a couple eventually. Have you guys checked out Girl Meets World, yet? I’m not going to lie; I did. I had to see how it was and Cory and Topanga as parents.

ross and rachelIt’s Ross and Rachel (from Friends)! After the break-ups, multiple relationships/divorces, and the having a baby together, they ended up together after all. I think Friends is better than How I Met Your Mom.

buffy and angel and spikeI watched Buffy off and on. Her romance with Angel and Spike both were so intense and epic (well, more of her relationship with Angel). Who can resist a vampire, right?

joey and paceyJoey and Pacey (from Dawson’s Creek) all the way. Dawson was such a whiny little girl.

rory and jessIt’s Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls. I honestly don’t know why Amy Sherman-Palladino had Rory choose Logan, who I didn’t really care for, to be the love of her (college) life. Despite his angst teen days, Jess shaped up and finally became the man Rory knew he would be. He was the only boyfriend that was up to par with Lorelai’s and Rory’s witty banters and pop-culture references.

veronica and logan

I’m not sure how many people watched Veronica Mars when it aired. I guess enough for them to be able to have a successful kick starter campaign for the movie – yes, I did watch the movie. I’m a sucker for the good girl to hook-up with the bad boy of the series. Veronica and Logan FOREVER! I’m glad their characters ended up together in the movie.

chuck and blairI think everyone who watched Gossip Girl rooted for Chuck and Blair all of season 1. My heart swoon for the “Mother Chucker” in episode 9 “Seventeen Candles” of season 1. I seriously watched Gossip Girl on a regular when it aired for these two off and on again romance. Also, their characters added comic relief time to time. Yup, I watched Gossip Girl also when it came onto Netflix. Still so good! Season 1 and 2 probably were my favorite.

leslie and benWhen Ben Wyatt enter into Parks and Recs, I knew him and Leslie were a love story was brewing. I think they were the cutest couple on TV. 💖

What were some of your favorite TV couples? I had a long list actually and had to narrow it down to just 10.

I think that Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” is an appropriate song to end this post with. Enjoy!