Happy Friday! We’re still discovering eateries in the East Bay, and I was shocked to find an Indonesian restaurant in San Leandro. There aren’t that many Indonesian restaurants in the Bay Area. I’ve been a huge fan of Indonesian food since our trip to Miami in April where we ate at Bali Cafe. It wasn’t somewhere I would had thought to have Indonesian food, and it was amazing! The closest thing I’ve had to Indonesian food here in the Bay Area was Banana Leaf which is Malaysian – yes, there’s lots of similarities and overlapping dishes.

Back to Padi in San Leandro! The place is a straight hole-in-the-wall type of place with good food and no frills. I’m not really one to care much for atmosphere over quality, although depends on the occasion. The hubs ordered mie tek tek goreng which is a street style noodles with chicken, tomato, and vegetable. I got the nasi padang – sumatran rice plate with beef rendang (Sumatran curry beef), fried chicken, spicy eggs, and yellow pickles – because I like variety. It was like a mini buffet plate. Everything was delicious as expected base off what I read on Yelp and Foursquare. As I’m writing this, I wished I had some right now. DROOL.

mie tek tek goreng

nasi padang aerial viewfried chicken and beef rendang fried egg with tomato saucemie tek tek gorengchili sauce

I asked for the chili sauce which they store in the fridge probably because it’s homemade. It added lots of zing to our food. 🙂 They, also, have a great selection of vegetarian options and other items that are not on the menu. You have to look at the pictures hanging where the kitchen is in addition to their menu before placing your order, so you know all your options! I’m sure there’s more off-the-menu items that if you’re Indonesian, you might know about.

Padi store front inside of Padi dish pictures at kitchen wall decor

As I mentioned, it’s pretty much a hole-in-the-wall type of joint but in a stand alone building. Plus side, they have a parking lot all to themselves. There’s only one entrance into the lot so if you missed it, you better u-turn like we did. They have an “open kitchen” concept, so you can watched all your yummy goodness being cooked up. They try to give the place an Indonesian flare as you can see from my pics… The staff are super friendly and will explain the dishes to you with no hesitation – two thumbs up!

I end this post with the track “Nothing Better” by The Postal Service. Who does’t know and love them?! Listening to them brings me back a warm fuzzy filling from my 20’s filled with dance parties and Popscene, a dance night playing indie pop and electronic music, with friends. Also to when I got to see them at the Greek Theater in 2013 for the first time – probably one of the greatest highlights of my concert going history. Asides Ben Gibbard being Ben Gibbard which is incredibly musically talented, I adore Jenny Lewis to pieces (to this day still)!!!!!!!!!! *HEARTS*