Farmers Market to Plate #1

produce purchased

I’m thinking of starting a series called “Farmers Market Meal” where I will be showcasing some of my favorite vendors, what is in season, what I purchase, and/or what I made from the items I procured at the farmers market. We’re extremely lucky in San Francisco to have so many farmers market. There are four big busy ones (I might be wrong) in San Francisco – Ferry Building, Civic Center, Alemany, and Fort Mason. There are also many smaller neighborhood ones for the nearby residence and several small farmers market in the FiDi and SoMa district for the working folks in the area. We frequent the one at the Ferry Building the most since it is closest to us. (I.. Read More

Snack Reviews: May

May snack collage

This is a monthly review highlighting some of snacks I’ve eaten. I’m a big snacker and like trying everything at least once. Some of these snacks will be good, okay, and not so good. 1. Goraebab (Korean crackers) These are one of my favorite Korean snacks! They are very crunchy flavorful slightly spicy whale-shaped crackers (and other nautical animals). I haven’t had them in so long because there aren’t many Korean markets in SF. I got these in Sunnyvale at Hanook Market. After doing some research, I found out these are called goraebab. I seriously had no idea what they were called. Apparently in Korean, goraebab (고래밥) literally translates to whale (고래) rice (밥). 8/10. 2.  Tteokbokki chips Since I was at.. Read More

Gott’s + Ferry Building

Gott's food

Most weekend that we don’t have anything plan, we try to get our workout in during the morning hours down the Embarcadero. Then we eat around the area or at the Ferry Building. I guess you can say, “it’s very San Franciscans” of us to spend our Saturday at the Ferry Building. This past Saturday I ran about at 5k along the Embarcadero. The run is great because it’s flat and there’s no lights stopping you – on the side of the bay. We decided to grab lunch at Gott’s before hitting up the Ferry Building’s farmers market. It was our first time dining at Gott’s; we’ve only pass by it several times and seen the long line. Turns out.. Read More

Kingdom of Dumpling and Ocean Beach

shanghai dumplings

It has been quite cloudy here in San Francisco for the past two weeks. There’s been little breaks of sun here and there for a brief time, but it quickly turns gloomy and cold. As I am daydreaming about wearing shorts or summer dresses, I am dressed in sweater weather, my Uniqlo black jeans, warm socks, and sneakers. I have to say that this chilly weather have made me very lazy about dressing up. I just want to be comfy and WARM. I have been quite jealous of other Bay Area cities who are getting sun and temps in the mid-70s and 80s this week. Alright. After that lengthy introduction, I wanted to post the amazingly nice weekend the hubby and.. Read More

Memorial Day: Oyster Aventures

oyster shucking

I hope everyone had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend. We surely did. I attended my friend Robin’s birthday carousel ride and tea party on Saturday (maybe, I’ll post about the cute food I had later). Then on Sunday, we attended our friend’s son 2nd Up themed birthday party – incredibly cute! For Memorial Day, the hubby wanted to go get oysters. We got into our car, made a pit stop at Whole Foods to pick up a few items for a picnic, and headed to Tomales Bay. We decided to go to Tomales Bay Oyster Company since Hog Island would be crazy busy. Don’t get me wrong, TBOC was busy too, but they don’t require you to make a reservation.. Read More

San Sun (or…Pho Tam Duong)

egg noodle close up

It has been quiet gloomy and chilly here in San Francisco (well, the whole Bay Area) as the east coast is having their nice sunny spring weather. I guess they deserve it with the crazy winter they had. Yesterday was definitely a soup type of weather, so I went to San Sun for lunch. Before I start talking about my awesome wonton noodle soup I had here, I have to get two things straight. First, there’s two names on the awning of the restaurant – San Sun and Pho Tam Duong. We call it by the former because it’s in Chinatown and primary a Chinese joint with Vietnamese food. Also, if you google Pho Tam Duong, you won’t find it… Read More

Wise Sons

wise sons interior

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen. Ah, this place has been on my list for a very, very long time. I’m so glad to finally try it last week. At their downtown location inside the Contemporary Jewish Museum, they have a “Downtown Special” which is a soup and sandwich combo. You get a bowl of matzo ball soup and a half pastrami, corned beef, egg salad, liver, or trout sandwich with potato salad or coleslaw for $13.75 (with tax it comes out to $15). As a first timer, I got the combo deal and went with the chopped liver sandwich. I know, you’re thinking, “Liver?!? Ewww.” I thought about getting the smoked trout but chopped liver just seem more of a classic.. Read More