As promised, here’s the breakdown of my raw vegan lasagna – no recipe. I do apologize. I’m not a recipe maker nor do I follow recipes. I’m going to post some links at the end of the post of some recipes that I think are great and close to how I made mine. I just hope this post will inspire you to make it or at least something new and similar with local seasonal produces for the spring/summer. (My farmers market post last week featuring it.)

A little backstory how I came about making raw lasagna – not being on a raw or vegan diet. Well, several years ago, my lovely friend Robin of Vegan Dollhouse proposed a group of us go on a raw diet for the month of June. She was able to rally a few girls to join, so we can do weekly food swaps. It is much needed when on a raw diet because the prepping for raw food is SO MUCH more than cooking food – that’s if you want a variety and NOT eat a salad everyday. Long story short, we got together one day to make this raw lasagna recipe that Robin found. It was amazing, and I basically have made it from memory since then. I don’t follow the exact recipe but loosely of what I remember. I’m terrible at following recipes. Hence, I rarely ever bake.



Here are the ingredients I used asides salt & pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

– zucchini

– tomatoes
– sliced crimini mushrooms (marinated in s&p and evoo)
– red bell pepper + kale/baby kale + candy striped beets + Romaine lettuce + olives (for the salad)

Tomato Sauce (similar to my recipe)
– sun dried tomatoes, soaked in water
– garlic
– agave
– dried oregano + basil

– basil
– pecans + cashews – I didn’t have pine nuts on hand
– nutritional yeast

Cashew cheese(similar to my recipe)
– cashews, soaked in water
– nutritional yeast
– garlic + onion powder
– lemon juice

* Okay! I know some of you are probably wondering, “what the heck is cashew cheese?!?!” It’s a super yummy vegan substitute for cheese made out of soaked cashews and other amazing ingredients. You can click on the link above to find out what is in it and how to make it.

thinly sliced zucchinizucchini marinating

I sliced my zucchini thinly to create ribbons. Having a mandoline would be very nice but you can get away without one.  You just need a good knife and be skillful at slicing. After creating the zucchini ribbons, I marinated them in evoo and s&p for 10-15 min (depending on thinness). You can skip the oil, if you want; it tastier to me. The salt is what does the magic of drawing water out of the zucchini and softens it.

raw lasagna prepped

Here’s everything ready to be assembled. I was actually making this at dinner time, so I didn’t get a chance to capture more step-by-step. Teehee. I basically sliced the tomatoes and made the sauces accordingly. Links for the tomato sauce and cashew cheese similar to mine again. I just used a typical pesto recipe but subtracted the parm and used cashews and pecans instead of pine nuts. For the salad, I tossed together the baby kale, chopped romaine lettuce, sliced kalamata olives, sliced candy striped beets, and bell peppers with evoo, lemon juice, and s&p.

raw lasagna layer1raw lasagna layer2

You layer it just like you would a lasagna – tomato sauce first, then noodles. Next, you add the fixings (mushrooms, tomatoes, salad) with the sauces on top. Repeat another layer. Since it’s raw, building it high without it toppling over can be difficult. I kept mine to two layers.

raw lasagnaThe finished product. It basically a lasagna salad with lots of sauces, but still resemble lasagna in taste. Also, it tastes DELICIOUS and perfect for the warm summer days.

Hope you enjoyed this! I’m going to try to be better at documenting step-by-step of the dishes I showcase. Maybe next time, I’ll plan it where I’m not rushing to get dinner on the table.

As mentioned, here are a few links to some great recipes for raw lasagna similar to how I made mine.

Deliciously Ella
A more simplified version that should be easy to make. In this one, you don’t need a mandoline to slice your zucchini.

The Raw Chef
This is the closest to the one I made except he makes a “walnut meat layer” and uses spinach instead of a salad.

The Raw Some Vegan Life
She makes a sun-dried tomato and broccoli pesto which I find interesting. I’m probably going to test it out. In addition making the traditional stacked lasagna, she made cute roll-ups. I’m definitely will be doing this next time. It makes it funner and easier to eat.