It has been quiet gloomy and chilly here in San Francisco (well, the whole Bay Area) as the east coast is having their nice sunny spring weather. I guess they deserve it with the crazy winter they had.

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san sun frontYesterday was definitely a soup type of weather, so I went to San Sun for lunch. Before I start talking about my awesome wonton noodle soup I had here, I have to get two things straight. First, there’s two names on the awning of the restaurant – San Sun and Pho Tam Duong. We call it by the former because it’s in Chinatown and primary a Chinese joint with Vietnamese food. Also, if you google Pho Tam Duong, you won’t find it. Secondly, there’s decent food in Chinatown but not many are special where you ought to trek all the way out here for. This is one of those places that if you’re in there area and want decent Vietnamese, then come on in.

Living a few blocks up the hill  from here, my husband and I dine here pretty often when I’m too lazy to cook or we want noodle soup. Our favorite noodle soup here is their seafood satay noodle soup with the rice noodle (the pho one). I’ve only tried a few other dishes off their menu, and they were okay. Nothing stood out for me. I would occasionally get their Vietnamese cold noodle bowl.

I was in a wonton noodle soup kind of mood so that’s what I ordered. They are definitely one of better places to get wontons in the neighborhood! Trust me, I’ve had my fair share or Chinatown wonton soups. Here’s the quick run down of my bowl of goodness so you can salivate over the pictures already. The bowl is huge! I saved a nice portion for the hubby to have as a pre-dinner snack. I don’t know where they get their noodle from, but it’s super delicious. They cook it just right where there’s a bite still to it. The soup comes with 6 huge plumped wontons that you can see below filled with pork and shrimp. As you can see the orange parts of the wonton, big pieces of shrimp! The broth is flavorful in all its porky goodness. I asked for bean sprouts to eat with my soup – I think it’s more of a Vietnamese thing or at least that how I grew up eating it.

wonton noodle soup egg noodle close up wonton close upNow that you’ve gotten to drool over my delicious bowl of wonton noodle soup. Here are some tips and more insights on the place.

They don’t open late! If we plan to eat here, we always have to rush down to make it in time to not feel like the last customers they are awkwardly waiting to leave so they can go home. I think it’s super busy during lunch but their dinner crowd is much slower. They have happy hour menu that changes everyday where you get selected dishes at a discount – prices are $5, $6, and $7 for dishes. There’s a mixture of tourist and locals who dine here. It’s a good sign when you see usuals and Chinese speaking customers! Being at a high traffic area, they surely make it friendly for tourist and others with pictures of probably every dish on their menu. LOL. It’s pretty much your average Chinese-Vietnamese place with bright florescent lights, lots of tables, all the condiments you need on the table, and big screen tvs around. A good thing it has always clean here everytime I’ve been (yes, including the bathroom).

Photo May 21, 1 19 03 PM happy hour menu san sun menusan sun interior san sun table