I did a little exploring with my sister in the Inner Richmond the other week. Funny thing was, I didn’t think the area we were in was considered the Inner Richmond because I always thought it started at Arguello and went farther west into the avenues while bordering Geary Blvd and the Presidio – map here. However, I was wrong. Usually, when I go to the Inner Richmond, I just head to Clement St. or around Geary Blvd (in the avenues) for the Asian markets and really good restaurants. So it was nice to stroll along the areas near University of San Francisco. The area was so quaint and filled lots of cute single-family homes.

Here are couple of the places we went to:

First, we stopped by this cute little coffee shop and got a matcha latte. It’s a spot for locals to come and get good coffee or tea Also, you’ll find people trying to get work done on their Macbooks which are plugged into an outlet — I’m always looking for coffee shops with outlets. The place is small and narrow with a few tables and counter seating. The staff are super friendly.

50 50 sign 50 50 menu50 50 interior matcha latte


Sun Stream Coffee
This is a small hole-in-the-wall Brazilian cafe on Geary Blvd. It reminded me of the Cuban cafes we went to in Miami. There were other patrons (or their friends) hanging out having coffee or pastries chatting it up and watching the soccer game on the TV in the corner. They very friendly, and it was cozy environment. Asides the Brazilian flag hanging outside of the joint, there were flags above on the ceiling. NATIONAL PRIDE and just in case you forget where you were. 🙂 We got an acai bowl and some pastries.

Sun Stream Coffee signSun Stream Coffee storefrontpastry caseSun Stream Coffee menuPhoto Jun 08, 12 42 40 PMrisolis with ham and cheesecoxinha

Acai bowl was only $6 compared to the $8-12 cost at other places in San Francisco. When I saw the guy reached for the powdered acai to add to the blender, you can imagine the disappointment on my face. On top of it, the smoothie was runny. 🙁 However, the pastries were DELICIOUS and similar to the Cuban ones I’ve had before. I got the risolis with ham and cheese — pictured second to last. I, also, got the coxinha to-go for later — pictured last here. The coxinha has chicken and cream cheese; the chicken seemed like it was cooked in a little tomato sauce and other seasonings. I thought it was better than the risolis. I was so happy I got it. Best reheated nice and toasty. I kind of wish I had one right now. Haha.