Are you guys ready for my monthly snack round-up? This month’s snacks really pack a major punch in flavor and spice! I picked up snacks from Daiso, KoreanaJay Bharat,Vik’s Market, and other Asian markets.

1. Japanese Potato Cracker with Shrimp

Potato Cracker with ShrimpPotato Cracker with Shrimp close-up

I’ve passed by these a few times while shopping at Daiso and figured I’ll get them along with some other snackies. I like these for two reasons: the crunch factor and the little shrimps in each cracker! It isn’t greasy and seasoned with just enough salt and flavors to satisfy that craving which made you want to consume a savory snack. If you like Asian rice crackers, then you’ll like these. 3/5

2. Honey Tong Tong

Honey Tong Tong Korean chips

I’ve been wanting to try these honey buttered flavor Korean potato chips that I’ve seen over Instagram. Honey Butter flavor a crazy trend in Korea that there’s even a Wikipedia page about it and a Vice article talking about it creating a “snack black market”. When I was at Koreana, this bag of tong tong chips was the only item I found that was honey buttered flavor. They are potato crisps, I guess? So, you can imagine how the texture test like. I was not impressed by them and found them to be unappetizing. Everything about it was super artificial. I had a few chips to confirm my feelings and threw them away. Save your $ and pass on these. 0/5

3. Corn Snack – Hot & Spicy flavor

Corn Snack Hot & Spicy FlavorCorn Snack Hot & Spicy Flavor close-up

This is another snack I picked up while at Diaso. They reminded me of Bugles (just in cause you don’t know what they are or don’t remember). I loved Bugles as a kid, and I must I still enjoy them because I had no problem consuming majority of the bag. Yup, just like Bugles, they have ridges that traps all the powdered seasonings and salt that dances on your tongue bringing joy to your tastebuds. However, you can’t wear them on your fingers and pretend you have witches’ nails like Bugles. 3/5

4. Huang Fei Hong Spicy Peanuts

Huang Fei Hong Spicy PeanutsHuang Fei Hong Spicy Peanuts close-up

If you never had these before, it’s probably best that you don’t. They are addicting as FUCK. Once you open a bag, you can’t really stop. When I ate these at work before with co-workers, everyone was munching on them non-stop. The peanuts are super crunchy and spicy, spicy, spicy! You have to be careful not to eat the Sichuan peppercorn a.k.a. numbing peppers. You can find these at most Chinese or Vietnamese markets – also, Amazon (of course!). 5/5

5. Kurkure – Chilli Chatka flavor

Kurkure Chilli Chatka snackIndian snack Kurkure Chilli Chatka close-up

I met my friend for lunch in the Newark area once, and she introduced me to Jay Bharat because she knew my lust for interesting snacks. These are basically Indian Cheetos but not quite as crunchy. There was something tangy in the seasoning that I wasn’t a big fan of. 2/5

6. Janaki’s Indian snack mix

Janaki's Indian snack mixJanaki's India snack mix close-up

I got these at Vik’s Market (inside Vik’s Chaat – if you never been, I highly recommend you go). These were fun to eat because you get a variety of items to munch on and the Indian spices add a little kick to it. I poured it into a little dish, so I could slowly graze it and not just pour it directly into my mouth from the bag. The only thing that did turn me off a bit was that it’s deep-fried, so it’s not something I could regularly snack on. 3/5

Hope you guys liked the selection. I’m a salty snack muncher. So, if you have any recommendations, let me know!