It’s that time again – my monthly snack review round-up! I have some goodies for you this time. All of them were thumbs up. Surprise, surprise.

1. Glico Pretz – Tom Yum Kung flavor
It tasted just as the box says “tom yum”, a combination of sweet, sour, tomato-y, spicy, and salty. 7/10

Pretz Tom Yum Kung flavor


2. Glico Pretz – Sweet Corn flavor
Oh my goodness! I love, love Asian corn/sweet corn flavored snacks. It’s a perfect combination of sweet and savory. I want more of that of that artificially flavored sweet corn seasoning to be coated all over. I think I nearly finished this box within a day. 9/10

Pretz Sweet Corn flavor


3. Big Roll Grilled Seaweed Roll – Spicy Grilled Squid flavor
These rolls are similar to the grilled seaweed snack I posted last month expect it’s rolled-up instead of flat strips. The taste is the same but being rolled up just bring a different experience. I think it’s more enjoyable as flat strips of seaweed. Also, unless, I’m packing this in a kid’s lunch bag, the individual wrapped rolls seems wasteful. 7/10

Big Roll Grilled Seaweed


4. Dang Toasted Coconut Chips – Caramel Sea Salt flavor
YUM! I finally tried these after looking at them for years. They’re just a little pricey for what I’m willing to pay for a bag of coconut chips. I had to stop myself from eating them all in one sitting. I, also, enjoyed them as toppings on my Greek yogurt and ice cream as much as just snacking on them. 9/10Dang coconut chips


5. Ten-chan fish stick – BBQ flavor
I found this Thai snack in an Asian market in San Leandro. I have no idea what it was called, but my Thai expert helped me translate the packaging. As most Southeastern Asia food, there is sugar in it, which made it a sticky goodness with an overall savory with garlicky taste. 8/10grilled fish stick snacks


6. Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn!
Yes, this does deserve an exclamation mark. My friend Sabrina bought this back to me from Hawaii recently, and she actually is the person who introduced this to me when we were teenagers. She is my snack queen. So, for those who are unfamiliar with Hawaiian Hurricane popcorn, it is a blend of popcorn, butter, seaweed seasoning, and Japanese rice crackers all mixed together. The package use to come with a pack of unpopped popcorn, but now you have to provide your own. After you take your popcorn out of the microwave, you place it inside the plastic bag that’s provided, pour in the butter sauce and rice cracker nori mix, and shake it vigorously to get every single popcorn kernel coated. Then you pour it out into a bowl and shove it all in your face. Seriously, we devoured the entire bowl within an hour. It was nom-tastic! 10/10

Hawaiian Hurricane toppingsHawaiian Hurricane toppingsHurricane popcorn