Hello everyone! I’m back and planning to blog regularly again. I’ve been taking some time to reflect on myself and where I want to take the blog. I’m planning to make some changes (maybe) and additions to the blog so stay tune! It’s been great hearing how people love my monthly snack series and have been waiting to me to write them again. So here, we go!

I’ve picked up more snacks from Nijiya, in San Mateo specifically – each store varies on the merch they carry, and Foodnet Supermarket in San Leandro. I practically devoured all of them!

1. Hot Puri Curry Rice Chipsspicy puri curry chips spicy puri curry chips close-up

These are similar to the Calbee shrimp chips but swap out the shrimp flavor for spicy curry – that pretty much sums it up. For those who haven’t had the Calbee shrimp chips before, it’s a crunchy wheat flour based snack that’s very savory and packs a punch in “flavor town”. (Yes, I quoted Guy Ferrari’s coined term from his “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” show) My sister and the hubs loved, loved these. I went back to Nijiya to get them a bag each! 9/10

2. Uni Rice Crackersuni rice crackerThis one was interesting. The rice cracker was denser than most rice crackers I’ve had. It had a tasty savory coating of what I assumed to be the uni. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around describing the exact flavors. Maybe, it’s because I haven’t had much experience with uni. I did eat the whole bag quite quickly, so, I guess, I liked them. I would recommend you give them a try yourself, if you’re into uni or rice crackers. 8/10

3. Imuraya’s Monaca – Green Tea flavorgreen tea ice cream sandwich 1green tea ice cream sandwich 2It sounded and looked so good but was #justokay – SAD FACE. The green tea flavor was lackluster and the ice cream was sub-par. There wasn’t much creaminess; it basically tasted like diet ice cream. Then the wafer/waffle part was soft. I was hoping it would have a bite to it like those Korean fish-shaped ice cream sandwiches, Samanco. (It’s a South Korean ice cream sandwich comprise of rice wafer in the shape of a goldfish filled with vanilla ice cream with a layer of sweet red bean paste – a.k.a. the ice cream version of the Korean street food, boonguh bbang.) 4/10

4. Umeno Ka Maki (Baked Ricer Cracker Ume Flavor)
sakura rice cracker sakura rice cracker close-upI had high hopes for these, and they were just alright. I love most food with umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum), so I was stoked to try these. They tasted like your traditional soy sauce rice crackers wrapped in seaweed with a slight sweetness and tanginess from the ume. The flavors were interesting, but I felt it didn’t harmonize with each other enough for me. I still have some in my pantry, which are probably stale by now. 4/10

5. Dried Fish and Peanutsdried fish and peanutsdried fish and peanuts close-up

YUM! There’s dried anchovies, super crunchy peanuts, dried green scallions, sesame seeds, and dried chili peppers giving the snack an umami flavor. Also, it’s a high in protein. What more can you ask for?  9/10

6. Boy Bawang – Cornick,  Hot Garlic flavorBoy Bawang Cornick hot garlic

It’s basically Filipino Corn Nuts but smaller and not as hard – still really crunchy though. It’s definitely garlicky, and the spice kicks in a little after you’ve eaten a handful of them. They are quite addicting like those Corn Nuts bags you get at the gas station. 8/10