The snacking continues despite the packing, moving, cleaning, and unpacking. (And all those mentioned are also continuing — WAH! A post of the move will be coming up later.) We probably need to snack on even more in times like these. Haha.

(Note: The first five snacks I purchased at Walgreens in SF. The ones in SF carry a nice variety of brands and ethnic snacks. Although, I didn’t purchase the Pocky there, they do carry them in several flavors. I was bummed to find that my local Walgreens doesn’t carry as a diverse selection of snacks as in SF.)

1. Zapp’s – VooDoo Heat flavor (vegan)
Have any of you had Zapp’s potato chips? If you’ve been to Ike’s, then chances are you have at least seen them. I love Zapp’s from growing up in Lousiana. They’re New Orleans Kettle Style chips and have a zing – esp, this flavor which is my favorite. It’s an explosion of flavor in your mouth with a mix of sweet, salty, spicy, and sour. If you’re not into robust flavors, this might not be for you. However, if you like salt and vinegar flavor potato chips, then this is up your alley. It’s not as sour or vinegary as salt and vinegar; it’s just a slight tang. Having many other kettle style potato chips, these aren’t as crispy as some other brands and a bit oilier. I still have the flavors! 8/10

Zapp's Voodoo Heat
2. Kettle Chips – Roasted Garlic flavor (vegan)
The Kettle Brand has been rolling out with a lot of different flavors lately. I haven’t had a chance to try them all yet and spacing them out. This roasted garlic was decent, but it didn’t leave a huge impression on me. I didn’t write down notes, but I’m remembering it not being as garlicky as I has assumed and a bit salty. 6/10 
Kettle Chips Roasted Garlic
3. Tao Kae Noi Grilled Seaweed Super Crisp – Hot Chilli Squid
I discovered these at Walgreens. I’ve had their “Crispy Seaweed” line before and found them to be incredibly oily because they are fried. Therefore, make sure you get the “Super Crisp” line. These are not at all oily and packed with flavors that punch you in the face. I’m not kidding; it’s pretty fishy and flavorful. I only eat a few at a time. Each seaweed have a heavy coating of seasoning on them. You can taste the sweetness of the sugar they use in the seasoning too. If you grew up eating dried squid or enjoy eating it, you’ll love this. I love this because it fulfills my craving for savory flavorful crunchy snacks. They also have a kimchi flavor one that is equally good and less fishy. Be careful talking to other after eating this! 10/10Tao Kae Noi Grilled SeaweedTao Kae Noi Grilled Seaweed close-up
4. Vitrely Wave Seaweed Snack – Sesame flavor (vegan)
I love eating seaweed as an alternative to eating potato chips. They are so much healthier for you. Obviously, the ones above aren’t as healthy in terms of sodium and sugar. These here are ideal because it’s just basic ingredients of seaweed, oil, and salt. I am quite happy that you can find them almost anywhere in the Bay Area. You no longer have to wait to go to the Korean or Asian market to get them. There’s a Walgreen every few blocks in SF, especially in the Union Square, FiDi, and SoMa area. I’m constantly popping in a Walgreens for a beverage or snack, so I try to pick up one of these guys or a greek yogurt for a healthy snack. 10/10Vitrely Wave Seaweed snack
5. Cadbury Crunchie Biscuits
I also got these at Walgreens in SF. Walgreens have been procuring a lot of European and Asian products for their stores. I got to witness this living the last 7 years in SF. They have increase their European candy and biscuit selection extensively in the past few years. Are you familiar with Crunchie bars? They are these honeycomb toffee bar coated with a thin layer chocolate. It’s crunchy but when you bit into it, it crumbly and melts in your mouth. These are similar but thinner and with a biscuit. They were incredibly delicious and addictive. I had 2 of them within a few minutes and could kept eating them, if I didn’t want to share them with the hubs and my siblings. They were a bit pricey at $6 or $7 for a pack but worth it! 10/10

Crunchie cookies Crunchie close-up
6. Ono Giant Shrimp Chips – Furikake flavor
Yup, made in Hawaii. These babies flew back from Hawaii and sat on the lap of my friend’s Sabrina for the whole trip for me. She was so concern about being crushed. I’ve never had them before, but she saw them at Ted’s Bakery and had to get me a bag! My friends know me well; I have receiving food gifts from different regions. The hubs and I devoured these within 12hrs. They were crispy, salty, and slightly sweet from the furikake. Who doesn’t like seaweed seasoning?!? 9/10
Ono Giant Shrimp Chips
7. Pocky – Strawberry
I had to review another set of Pocky since my last one in May of the banana and cookies-n-cream flavors wasn’t in favor of them. I thought I showcase the flavors that I did like to you. Okay, asides the cute heart packaging and heart-shaped Pocky sticks, this flavor is good. It’s like if you mixed strawberry jam with white chocolate and coconut oil. 7/10

Strawberry PokyStrawberry Poky close-up
8. Pocky Midi – Green Tea
I’ve gotten the regular size Pocky only and this is the first time for the midi. They are shorter and have a thicker coating of chocolate. The ration is too much for me (I also don’t like double stuffed Oreos). I like the thinner coasting of the regular size better. I do like their green tea flavor. It’s sweet but still have the green tea bitter taste. I love the packaging of the midi box though! 5/10 (Too much chocolate, too sweet. Otherwise, 7/10)green tea Pockygreen tea Poky close-up


I thought I’ll add something fun to the end of each blog post which is inspired by Nom Nom Paleo‘s podcast. Music has been such a big part of my life that I decided to include a SoundCloud of a song/band I listened to get this post to you with a little back story.

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the band Cursive. They are probably one of my favorite bands. If I were to get a music related tattoo, it would be artwork from their album The Ugly Organ. During the move, we didn’t have the internet setup for two days and resorted to listening to our CDs – “Oh, gee!”. I pulled out a mixed CD the hubs made me during the early stage of our courtship. Although, the song that hubs put on the mixed CD was “The Casualty” from their previous album Domestica, I wanted to share with you the song “The Recluse” from The Ugly Organ – between the two, I like the former mentioned album better. My favorite song is “The Martyr” which wasn’t available on SoundCloud to share.