It’s the end of the month, and it’s time for our monthly snack rounded-up! My friend Allison ask me to review some vegan snacks for her, so I noted which ones were vegan. Let me know, if there’s anything you would like me to review in the future, and I’ll gladly do it.

1. Oishi Potato Fries – Tomato Ketchup flavor
I found a bunch of Filipino snacks by the brand Oishi at Marina market in Union City. I love browsing the snack aisle of Asian grocery stores because you find the most interesting selections. These potato fries are baked, but they still are pretty greasy to the touch. The tomato ketchup flavor pretty much explains itself — tomato tasting with a bit of sweetness. Personally, I love bbq flavored snacks, so, naturally, I love ketchup flavor ones too. It reminded me of the Canadian ketchup flavored Lay’s.  7/10

Oishi potato fries


2. Big Papa Dill Pickle Popcorn
“It’s Dill-icious!” just as the bag described. I picked these up while we were on a road trip down to SoCal. The texture is like most pre-popped bagged popcorn – soft with powdered flavoring on top. If you like dill pickles or dill, you’ll definitely like this. 7/10popcorn dill pickle flavor


3. Kettle Chips – Sriracha flavored (vegan)
I love Sriracha, and I love Kettle Chips. Therefore, when I saw this, I had to try it immediately. Being Kettle Chips, naturally the texture of the potato chips were great — super crunchy and the right amount of thickness. The flavor itself doesn’t quite have that Sriracha taste. It was garlicky with a little kick, but it was sweeter than I expected. I’m not sure if I would buy them again, right away. You ought to try it for yourself, if you’re a Sriracha fan though. 6/10Kettle chips Sriracha lavor


4. Tomi Super Sweet Corn
A co-worker brought this into the office from his trip to the Philippines. It reminded me of those Asian corn ball snacks that was popular in the 90’s (remember these, which was pointed out to me are from the Philippines also) and Momofuku Milk bar’s corn cookie. The snack had a sweet savory corn flavor with the texture of Fritos, if they were thinner. I really liked them a lot and had to reframe myself from pouring the whole bag into my mouth so others in the office can have some too. 8/10tomi corn chips


5. Go Raw Sprouted Bar Banana Bread flavor (vegan)
I feel that calling this “banana bread flavor” might be a bit of a stretch. This raw sprouted bar is made from bananas, coconuts, flax seeds, and dates. I find flax seed too waxy for my palate, so I wasn’t diggin’ this health bar much. I always like to try healthy snacks, so I’m willing to give everything a try once. I think my favorite raw bars are Larabars4/10go raw banana bread flavor


6. Real Deal Veggie Chips Sriracha flavor (vegan)
These have been a favorite of mine since I discovered them years ago at Whole Foods. They are super crunchy veggies that aren’t greasy like some of the other veggies chips out there. The Sriracha flavoring is good and better than most Sriracha flavored snacks out there. They are very addicting, and you don’t feel as guilty eating them. 9/10veggie chips


7. Umeboshi candy (vegan)
My cousin got me a bag of these from Nijiya recently. I wasn’t sure, if these could compete with my other umeboshi candy (in my previous May snack review). These have little bits of umeboshi throughout the candy. I ate like 4 of these when I first opened the bag! Yes, it is that good and addictive. 10/10

ume candy bagume candy