Alright folks, I’ve got September’s snack review for you! It’s filled with some interesting and tasty finds from Nijiya Market in SF and Foodnet Supermarket in San Leandro.

1. Age Ichichani 
I’ve seen these at the Japanese market before but never grab a bag to try. Not until, Kareen from Ziba mentioned them to me. She was kidding when she said they were additive. These rice crackers were crunchy and the cracks created nooks for the seasonings to stick to. I like them way better than those super starchy ones you usually get in the rice cracker mix. There’s lots more texture, and it’s kind of crumbly. 10/10
age ichibanPhoto Sep 03, 9 47 13 AM
2. Bourbon Alfort Green Tea Chocolate Biscuits
These are similar to the ones I reviewed in May’s post (scroll down to snack #4). Instead of the vanilla biscuit, this one is on a chocolate biscuit that crunchy and not overly sweeten. Although, they look the same, this one has a stronger green tea flavor and less sweet than the other one. When I first had these, they tasted so divine. As I ate more of them throughout the month, they came “pretty good”.  Definitely something you ought to pick up, if you love green tea! 7/10
Photo Sep 17, 4 23 01 PMPhoto Sep 17, 4 23 30 PM

3. Growers Peanuts – Oriental flavor

These were interesting in a good way. I’m not sure what spices they used in these (second pic below), since I threw the package before checking out the ingredients. Maybe, soy sauce? It reminded me a milder tasting beef bouillon. The peanuts had a crunchy exterior from some type of coating like cornstarch. The hubs really dig this snack because he asked about them when he got home. Normally, he forgets what snacks we have at home, and I end up eating it all before he gets seconds. Haha. 9/10
Photo Sep 17, 4 25 03 PMPhoto Sep 17, 4 25 42 PM

4. Golden Sweet Corn

These were the Filipino corn snacks I was comparing the Glico Pretz Sweet Corn flavor to in the August snack review post. These sweet corn balls are so good – slightly sweet and salt with the same texture as cheese balls or Pirate Booty. I quickly devoured the whole bag by myself. 😊  10/10Photo Sep 18, 6 50 47 PM

5. Cadbury Diary Milk Biscuits

Ever since I found those Crunchies biscuits (from July’s review – snack #5), I’ve been searching for them at Walgreens. The most previous finds were these Diary Milk biscuits. I’m not a huge chocolate person, so I found they to be okay. If you like chocolate ice cream with chocolate fudge swirls or chips, then you would like this chocolate combo also. 5/10Photo Sep 18, 6 56 06 PMPhoto Sep 18, 6 56 32 PM

6 . Muruku – hot n’ spicy flavor

I picked this up from the Whole Foods in Seattle when I was there. I’m not sure if it’s an exclusive regional product. Normally, I’m not too keen on Indian snacks because they tend to be deep-fried and oily. The shape of these caught my attention, and they just look so crunchy and cool. (If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a crunchy and savory snack person.)

So, muruku or murukku is an Indian snack made of rice flour or chickpea flour and spices that originated from the Tamil Nadu state. This particular one I got was made of chickpea and sesame seeds. It was quite addictive and wasn’t as oily as I ought it would be. These spirally crunchy snack reminded me of Vietnamese banh cay. I, also, made a cucumber raita to dip it with. 8/10Photo Sep 17, 4 29 26 PMPhoto Sep 23, 1 24 35 PM
7. Haribo – Fizzy Cola
I love these Fizzy Cola gummy candy. A friend bought them to a picnic once, and I was skeptical. Then I had one and was hooked ever since. There’s another one that’s just “cola,” but you have to get the “fizzy cola” flavor. It really does have a cola flavor and taste sour and tangy as stated on the packaging. These gummies are chewier than most gummy candy also. Everyone I’ve introduced these to have loved them too. 9/10Haribo fizzy cola