This is a monthly review highlighting some of snacks I’ve eaten. I’m a big snacker and like trying everything at least once. Some of these snacks will be good, okay, and not so good.

1. Goraebab (Korean crackers)
These are one of my favorite Korean snacks! They are very crunchy flavorful slightly spicy whale-shaped crackers (and other nautical animals). I haven’t had them in so long because there aren’t many Korean markets in SF. I got these in Sunnyvale at Hanook Market.

After doing some research, I found out these are called goraebab. I seriously had no idea what they were called. Apparently in Korean, goraebab (고래밥) literally translates to whale (고래) rice (밥). 8/10.
Korean spicy crackers Korean spicy crackers

2.  Tteokbokki chips
Since I was at Hanook Market, I picked up a few other snacks. I was curious about these and sadly they tasted different than I imagined. They are supposed to be like Korean rice cakes in spicy sauce. I knew the texture would be crunchy and not chewy like rice cakes, but the thing that threw me off the most was that it was SUPER DUPER sweet. No go for me. 1/10.

Korean spicy snack


3. Lion Ume Candy
I posted these on my Instagram a few months back. This is my favorite brand of ume (Japanese plum) candy. The plum flavoring is all throughout the candy, and there’s a gooey filling in the center. If you like plum candy, GET THESE! They are a little pricey – $4/bag, if I’m remembering correctly. I got them at the Nijiya Market in SF Japantown. 10/10.

Japanese plum candy


4. Green Tea Biscuits
My cousin introduced these to me. I’ve seen people purchased as many as there were available on the shelf bar versions of these, also. Therefore, I concluded they must be good. I love these individually wrapped ones (even though they aren’t environmentally friendly) because they are pretty sweet. The biscuit is crunchy and the top is green tea flavored white chocolate. I like it because you can still taste the green tea bitter flavor. I picked them up also at Nijiya Market. 8/10.

green tea biscuit green tea biscuit close up


5. Japanese Grilled Dry Squid
I got these at Daiso on a whim as I was scurrying to check out. As I mentioned, I’m a snacker so I’m always trying to find savory snacks to replace potato chips. I really like these and have purchased about 4 bags since discovering them a couple months ago. They are chewy and flavorful basically squid jerky but less salty than beef jerky. They remind of the Vietnamese dried grilled squid you dip with hoisin sauce and Sriracha. 8/10.
Japanese squid snack


6. Field Trip Beef Jerky – Original Flavor
I love beef jerky. I was hesitant to post this, but I figured I ought to share my finds with other beef jerky lovers. My cousin actually gave me this; she got it from her work where they stock their pantries with snack size goodies for their employees. I like these because they are dry, thin, and not too overly salty. I don’t like beef jerky with too much wetness and that are too thick. Plus, they are more natural than other brands. 7/10.

Field Trip beef jerky


7. Wai Lanai – Thai Curry & Lime Cassava Chips
We went to the Inner Richmond to pick up Asian groceries a couple weeks back. My favorite market to go there is New May Wah; they’re the biggest one on Clement and have everything you need practically. I’ve had cassava (a root vegetable like potato but starchier) chips before. These were not at all like I imagine them. They had a Vietnamese shrimp chip texture (the roundish ones – not the baked long looking chips). Therefore, they had a really oily taste to the mouth. I thought they would be sliced cassava chips which was way more delicious. The Thai curry and lime flavoring was pretty good, but it didn’t have the Thai curry taste you think of when having the actual thing. A pass for me. 3/10. 

Wai Lanai cassava chips


8. Korean Crab Rice crackers
Another find at New May Wah market, I couldn’t find these online so I don’t know the exact name. I threw away the packaging so I’m not able to give you more info. They have a slightly spicy seafood flavoring like most Asian snacks like the whale crackers above (I’m sorry I don’t know any other way to describe it). They were super fun to eat since they were small and crab shaped. The texture reminds me of crunchy tempura batter; I think these snacks are made from rice flour. They were pretty good-okay but oily for my taste. 5/10 (average/neutral).Korean chips


9. Pocky – Chocolate Banana and Cookies & Cream flavor
I don’t think I’m a huge fan of Pocky as some people. I only like the strawberry and green tea flavors. I’m more of Yan Yan type of person I guess. I was curious when I saw friends posting about these two flavors. When I saw them at the store, I had to try them myself. I’ve seen the banana flavor at Daiso, Japanese market, and selected Asian markets. The cookies and cream ones, I’ve only seen at New May Wah market.

Banana flavor. It was too artificial for me, and I like chocolate biscuit better than the exterior flavor. However between the two, this one wins. 1/10.

Cookies and Cream flavor. I was super disappointed in it. I honestly imagined Oreos bursting through my mouth. Instead, it wasn’t flavorful and waxy tasting. 1/10.

Pocky banana flavor Pocky cookies n cream


11. Loacker – Lemon and Hazelnut flavor
We got these for FREE on Saturday at Justin Herman Plaza (across from the Ferry Building). My hubby never had them before ever and thought it was so special new imported Italy wafers. Haha. These are one of the best wafer brands to have. My friend Sabrina introduced them to me in middle school; she always got hazelnut which I think is the best flavor.

Lemon flavor. I never had the lemon ones and love lemon sweet treats. I’m not sure how I like them because I’m too bias to the hazelnut flavor. They were sweet and tart like a lemon bar without tasting artificial. The hubby really liked them. 5/10 (average/neutral).

Hazelnut flavor. Who doesn’t like hazelnut?!?!?! Obviously, they were good! I have to say that I like the bite size wafers better (like the lemon ones below) because it’s thicker. Textually, it was my preference. The snack size one we got for the hazelnut flavor was too think for me. I like chomping through my wafers. 🙂 10/10.

Locker lemon wafers Locker Hazelnut wafers