Ardenwood Historic Farm: Harvest Festival

First, I want to say sorry for the absence on the blog! It’s been quite busy and blogging takes longer than you think. Hopefully, I can start posting on a regular again because I have SO MUCH delicious food and adventures to share! Alright, now to the blog post. Thanksgiving has passed, and fall is wrapping up. I wanted to share with you a fun activity we did back in October at the Ardenwood Historic Farm in Fremont to reminisce what fall has to offer. You grab a burlap sack (loaners only), head out to the corn field, and start pulling the corn off the stalks. When pulling the corn off the stalks, it’s best that you twist and pull.  It was fun.. Read More

La Pinata #1

When moving to the East Bay, the hubs was determined to find three things: 1) a local place where he can get craft beer, 2) a good burrito place, and 3) a game store for him to play Magic the Gathering. He’s a simple man. One of the place we’ve tried and liked is La Pinat#1 in Hayward. Just looking at the exterior, I was excited to try this place out. It looks to fun, festive, and happy.  I love their mural, also (pic below). OMG, their chips and salsa were delicious! We got seconds, and I saved the salsa to eat with my main course. The hubs got the shrimp super burrito, and I got the chicken taco plate. And.. Read More

Castro Valley Farmers Market

We’ve been gradually discovering things around our new neighborhood. One of the farmers market near us is in Castro Valley at the BART station parking there. It’s year-round on Saturdays from 10am-2pm. I have to say that I was surprised that it didn’t start until 10am. I’m use to farmers market starting at 8am. They have a flower vendor who make beautiful bouquets and for a good deal! This one above was for $10! Way prettier than the ones at Trader Joe’s. There’s a nice selection of produce, although, I wished there were more organic options. I was happy to find out there was an Asian produce stand, so I can buy items like long bean and water spinach (ong choy in.. Read More

East Bay Adventures: Lake Chabot and Drake’s Barrel House

east bay adventure collage

Our friend from Sacramento came down to visit. He likes to hike and enjoys a nice refreshing beer, and we wanted to showcase our new neighborhood to him. So, we took him on a little mini East Bay adventure to Lake Chabot and Drake’s Brewery. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for about 20 years and have never been to Lake Chabot! I didn’t even know it existed until a couple years ago. There’s just so much to see and do in the Bay Area. LAKE CHABOT REGIONAL PARK We entered from Lake Chabot Road. There’s a $5 parking fee; it was our first time so we paid. Normally, we just park outside on the main road and walk in… Read More