Rainy weather in the Bay Area means snow in Tahoe (most of the time)! Considering how hot and dry February was, I thought the snow season was going to be over. Then March came around and the waves of storms rolled in being us fresh powder to play with up in Tahoe. It made me want to share with you our recent Tahoe trip as non-skiers/snowboarders.



We decided to stay in South Lake Tahoe because was closer to us. Also, we wanted to avoid Donner Pass (North Lake Tahoe), since we don’t own a 4WD vehicle and rather not deal with chains.
 us at Deerfield Lodge
I booked us a room at Deerfield Lodge, a cute boutique hotel in South Lake Tahoe, on Ski Run Blvd. Normally, we like to stay at an Airbnb place, but they all were pricey. Deerfield Lodge was reasonably priced and recently renovated. Here are the reasons we loved it:
  • everything was new, simple, and modern yet with a cabin-like feel
  • there was a fireplace in every room
  • a kitchenette stocked with plates, bowls, and utensils
  • they provide you with super soft robes
  • their bed was so cozy and great to sleep in
  • every room had a patio or balcony
  • complimentary snacks and a bottle of wine waiting for us
  • the owner and staff were so helpful and friendly
  • they only charge $25 extra for dogs (for all you dog owners out there)!
File Mar 13, 10 32 11 AMFile Mar 12, 12 49 28 AMFile Mar 12, 12 47 07 AMAlso, location, location. It was super close to everything. Heavenly was literally right there, and restaurants were within walking distance or a quick drive. We easily drove to all of our winter activities. I seriously enjoyed it so much that I was already looking into rooms for another snow trip and something for the summer.



The hubs suggested we check out Hard Rock Hotel our first evening there. I was underwhelmed by it. The restaurant options were alright, and the slots area was small. I’m just use the grand casinos in Las Vegas – even Reno! We did find the Willy Wonka penny slot, which is one of my favorite. You win fairly easy, and the entertainment value is worth it. There’s a lot of audio and visuals going on.

File Mar 12, 12 47 44 AM
I went through a huge roll coaster of wins and loses. When I won $32.80 during a play, I cashed out and stepped away with a total of $46.16.



Some of you might ask, “What the heck is snowshoeing?”. Basically, it’s hiking in the snow with these special shoes that prevents you from sink into a huge pile of snow.

My friend told me about how Fallen Leaf Lake isn’t accessible by vehicles during the snow season due to road closure. So, I thought it would be real treat to hike there and check out the views. The trail starts at Taylor Creek SNO-PARK‘s parking lot, and you must purchase a permit beforehand online or one of the listed vendors. Trust me, they will ticket you. As we left, we saw someone got a ticket and it was over $100. We got our permit from Lake of the Sky Outfitters and rented the snowshoes and poles from there.
Photo Jan 30, 1 20 49 PMus snowshoeinghubs fellPhoto Jan 30, 1 20 53 PMhubs walking on bridgeFallen Leaf Lake

Snowshoeing is a major workout and wearing them does slow you down, but, at least, you won’t sink knee deep in snow as you hike. Once we got back to parts of the trail that the snow was more packed in, we took off the snowshoes and carried it back to the car. Overall, it wasn’t too bad of a hike – mostly flat. It was about 2 hours round trip with breaks in between for snacks, water, and picture taking. The view along the way was splendid, and the lake so picturesque. NATURE.



There are areas by the parking lot that you can pull-out your sled, lug it up a slope, and start sledding. They aren’t groomed tracks though, so you might have to manicure itself. It was fun and super scary. You really pick up speed! You’ll see in the video below.
hubs sledding


The hubs did have an incident with a little dog attacking him as he was sledding down hill that you can view here. It was hilarious. Then he landed his back on a chunk of ice – OUCH! I would also recommend checking out Camp Richardson for snowshoeing and sledding.



Deerfield Lodge

They offered a light continental breakfast on the weekend, so we took advantage of their offerings of fresh bagels, pastries, yogurt, and beverages. Great way to save money and time!


Fire Break at Hard Rock Hotel

File Mar 12, 12 47 30 AM We drove over to Stateline, NV on our first evening there. As I mentioned earlier, the hubs wanted to check out the casinos, so we settled on dinner at the Fire Break. We ordered an Italian salad, ahi-tuna lettuce cups, and a basket of onions. The food was okay, nothing exciting. The sauce they used in the lettuce cups was very salty – major thumbs down there.


Off the Hook Sushi

(I remembered taking a pic of our meal, but I must had deleted it by accident. Sorry.) The next night, we went for sushi at Off the Hook Sushi. It was packed at dinner time, but we managed to get a seat right away at the sushi bar. The fish was fresh, and everything we ordered was tasty!


We were in Tahoe for the snow more than the food, so I apologize that the food part of the post is a bit lackluster (for a blog called “Jocelyn Eats, Cooks, and More”).



We snowed during our short weekend stay. Luckily, they were just flurries, so you can enjoy it and still do all your sporting activities during the day.
snowing outside hotel snowing on patiosnow on carsnow branches treesnow on treeFile Mar 14, 12 18 42 AM


I have to say that Tahoe in the winter is much more expensive than in the summer – both in terms of accommodations and activities. We never experienced snow or Tahoe in the winter as a couple. It was incredibly memorable time in “Winter Wonderland” that we will forever cherish. The hubs was LOVED the trip (minus driving in snow, the crazy dog attack, and falling on his tail-bone while sledding). I hope you like the post and take a weekend snow trip soon to enjoy the snow while it last!