Over the weekend, the hubs and I were in the East Bay. We want to scoop out the Korean food scene in Hayward, so we stopped by The Sister’s House for lunch. The place was inside a plaza in an industrial part of Hayward. Reading the reviews on Yelp, some people described the area as “ghetto.” I’m not familiar with Hayward, but I didn’t think it looked ghetto. Then again, I live in San Francisco, and these reviewers probably live in the suburbs. I do have to say that it wasn’t an area I would expect to find a Korean restaurant. Although, there is a karaoke place in the same plaza. 😉 Plenty of parking in the lot. The restaurant is a tiny hole-in-the-wall place that is run by a few ajummas (means older woman in Korean). The one lady that served us was very friendly and constantly checked up on us — overall, great service and super nice.

We got a nice selection of banchan (Korean side dishes) and all were tasty. I ordered the kimchi pork jjigae, and the hubs ordered the mushroom soon doo bu. The hubs thought his soon doo bu was okay. There weren’t enough mushrooms for him, and he didn’t get an egg to crack into the soup. Oddly, they didn’t ask him what spice level he wanted. So, I guess there’s only one level which is spicy?! I didn’t try much of his to determine but that’s what he rated it. The hubs said he likes Korea House (another place in Hayward we’ve been to) better. My kimchi pork jjigae was huge and extremely hot when it came out. I actually burned my tongue trying to eat it right away, so I munched on banchan while waiting for it to cool off. It was good, but I wished there were more tofu and pork belly in the soup. The ration of kimchi to protein wasn’t to my liking. There was a lot of kimchi. I know, it’s a kimchi stew/soup. Sigh.

I definitely want to come back to try their bbq and seafood pancake, which is only $10, to determine whether I would frequent this place often. They also have combos for about $20 each, so you can have multiple dishes during your meal. Currently, I’m leaning more towards Korea House too, even though, The Sister’s House have better reviews on Yelp.

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