It’s the Trader Joe’s product review round-up! This time I decided to include a few items instead of just one product like the previous post about the Pastrami Smoked Salmon. I had a debate whether to include the snacks I got from TJ’s in the Monthly Snack Review or the Trader’s Product Review series. I found it more suiting to be here. What do you think?

Maple Chicken Breakfast Sausage
This product has been on the shelves for a while, and I’ve been eyeing it each time I’m in the meat selection of TJ’s. Trying to make healthier choices, I’ve always passed it up. It’s a good reason I do because they are fucking delicious as hell! Man, that maple syrup. SIGH.

I do feel less guilty eating them, since they are chicken sausage. I can’t imagine how fatty the pork based ones are. I know surely I’ll enjoy them but have regrets later when my body feels gross and greasy. These maple chicken breakfast sausages didn’t leave me feeling that way so that’s another upside. Asides having them for breakfast, I added them to a quick whatever-is-in-the-fridge fried rice. So course, they were A-M-A-Z-E! I sliced them in half to get that nice crispy caramelization from the syrup and brown sugar. I imagine these would be delicious in a breakfast burrito, too! Verdict: YAY!
maple chicken breakfast sausage

Some samples of what I do it with them. I’ve been seeing this bear toast all over Instagram and decided to put my own spin on it — because I’m me and have to put my own personal stamp on everything. Then the news announced Disneyland started its diamond anniversary celebration got me excited! I love Disney! Therefore, I decided to make Mickey Mouse pancakes using a cookie cutter I got from Disneyland many years ago.bear toastMickey Mouse pancakesblueberry Mickey Mouse pancakes
Sweet Sriracha Uncured Bacon Jerky
Another item I’ve been eyeing but keep passing up. My family took a road trip to SoCal last month, so I thought it was a great opportunity to get these. By doing so, I can share these without eating the whole bag by myself because I have so self control. >_<  It was sweet, spicy, and salty as the title and bag indicated. The taste combination was right on, if you’re into the sweet and savory combo. It also had a garlicky taste from the Sriracha. Obviously, the texture cannot be the same as beef jerky. It was wet but had a crispiness to it from the sugar. Verdict: YAY! uncured bacon jerky
Crispy Crunchy Broccoli Florets
My friend had these in her snack pantry awhile back. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to find them at my local TJ’s to see how they taste like. (No, I didn’t get to taste them at her house.) I finally found them last month at my local TJ’s! I’m always super curious about almost any snack and want to try it at least once. Excited to finally have my hands on these, I was a bit disappointed. They were too dry for my liking. The texture reminded me of the Snapea Crisps but drier. Apparently, they were made crispy through a Southeastern Asian method of “vacuum frying” in palm oil. If you’ve had any of the TJ’s “Crispy Crunchy” dried fruit line, they’re all vacuum fried. You can click on the link above for details, but it’s basically the concept of pressurized cooking with hot oil. This method uses less fat and doesn’t leave a greasy residual on your fingertips. They’re lightly season with sea salt. It definitely is a good alternative to potato chips! Verdict: NAY! (Just too dry for me. If you’re curious about them, I encourage you try for yourself)broccoli florets snack
Popcorn Chips
These were SUPER addictive! I devoured them within a few days. Crispy with great flavors. The chia seeds, flax seeds, quinoa, and sunflower seeds provided great texture — WAY better than Pop Chips. I’m a huge fan of kettle corn and most things sweet and savory, so these were PERFECT! Nom, nom. Verdict: YAY!
popcorn chipschip close-up